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82% of NDP voters want Jagmeet Singh to remain party leader

Just 8% of NDP voters would prefer a new leader.

According to a new poll by Leger, 82% of NDP voters would like Jagmeet Singh to stay on as party leader following the federal election loss in Canada. This is significantly higher than the percentage of Conservative voters who want Erin O’Toole to remain as party leader, 49%.

Just 8% of NDP voters want a new party leader.

At a press conference last week following the federal election, Jagmeet Singh was asked why he can’t turn his personal popularity into more seats for the NDP. He responded by saying, “I appreciate that people have positive feelings towards me.” While his goal remains to form government, he said, “I’m going to use the position I have to make a difference in people’s lives,” noting how much the NDP was able to do in the last parliament with only 24 seats.

The NDP lost the election with 17.82% of the popular vote, and 25 seats, an increase of 1 seat from the previous federal election in 2019, where they received 15.98% support. The Conservative Party of Canada won the popular vote, with 33.72% support across the country. The Liberals won the election with the most amount of seats, 159, and 32.63% of the popular vote.

82% of NDP voters want Jagmeet Singh to remain party leader

Leger was the most accurate polling firm in the country during last week’s federal election in Canada.

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