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Season 2 of Stargirl, a kids movie with music by Lin-Manuel Miranda, a new series created by and starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and more.

A weekly round-up of the new movies and TV series streaming on Netflix, Crave, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, Apple TV+, Tubi, CBC Gem and Criterion Channel

New on Netflix

new on Netflix
Hit & Run (new on Netflix)

Israeli actor Lior Raz and Sanaa Lathaan star in Hit & Run, an Israeli-American co-production from the people who brought you the popular IDF-set Fauda. Lin-Manuel Miranda stars in and wrote the music for Vivo, an animated musical about a Cuban kinkajou who winds up on some musical adventures. Blood-thirsty locusts take centre stage in the French horror film The Swarm, also out today (alongside Hit & Run and Vivo).

A little later this week, you can catch the third installment of the teen rom-com series The Kissing Booth (Aug. 11), followed closely by season 5 of Riverdale (Aug. 12). On Aug. 10, you can catch the first of five sports documentaries billed as Untold, a 30 by 30 style documentary anthology series. This first episode focuses on a legendary brawl between players and fans in 2004.

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New on Amazon Prime Video

new on Netflix
Val (new on Amazon Prime Video)

Val Kilmer’s copious home movies form the basis of Val, a documentary chronicling the actor’s career and his recent health troubles. It premieres today alongside the Mexican zombie show Soldados o Zombies. On Aug. 11, you can stream season two of Stargirl, while Aug. 12 sees the streaming release of the Liam Neeson movie The Marksman

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New on Crave

The L Word: Generation Q (new on Crave)

The highlight on Crave this week (besides the inevitable and random dumping of seasons of MTV shows that haven’t been on in years) is the first season of the L Word reboot Generation Q, just in time for the beginning of the second season. Otherwise, you can now stream Jesse Noah Klein’s Like a House on Fire starring Sarah Sutherland and Hubert Lenoir. 

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New on Apple TV+

Mr. Corman (new on Apple TV+)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt created, wrote, directed and stars in Mr. Corman, in which he plays a sad-sack public school teacher in the San Fernando Valley. Two episodes are now available, with further episodes being made available weekly. 

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New on Disney Plus

new on Netflix
Marvel’s What If? (new on Disney Plus)

“What If?” storylines are common in comic books. They present alternate timelines or very specific conceits in which superheroes could exist. Marvel has decided to take its cinematic universe into what-if territory through animation. The first episode of Marvel’s What If? is available on Disney Plus as of Aug. 11.

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New on CBC Gem

Bomb Girls (new on CBC Gem)

Meg Tilly and Jodi Balfour star in Bomb Girls, a WWII-era drama about women working in arms factories, which begins streaming as of today alongside season 4 of Due South and season 11 of The Great British Bake-Off.

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A weekly round-up of the new movies and TV series streaming on Netflix, Crave, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, Apple TV+, Tubi, CBC Gem and Criterion Channel