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The SPVM’s use of chemical irritants has soared in 2021

172 times in 2021, compared to 36 times in 2020.

A document filed with the Montreal City Council reveals that the SPVM has used chemical irritants such as tear gas and pepper spray five times more in 2021 than last year. The number of instances when the substances were used has risen to 172 times in 2021, compared with 36 times in 2020.

This increase in the use of chemical irritants by the SPVM can be directly linked to events such as the Montreal Canadiens’ recent success in the Stanley Cup playoffs. The city’s police force engaged in what many are calling an excessive use of tear gas to clear the crowds outside of the Bell Centre at the end of each game.

This police tactic reached its peak on July 5, following the Canadiens sole win in the Stanley Cup Finals. The police department claims that out of the 2000 celebrators, 500 to 600 individuals were displaying hostile and aggressive behavior towards the police in the surrounding area.

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Habs fans dispersed in 2021

Other events in 2021 that sparked an increase in the use of chemical irritants by the SPVM include protests against the COVID-19 lockdown and curfew, along with demonstrations related to conflicts in the Middle East.

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