Quebec vaccine passport

The Quebec vaccine passport plan will be announced today

The Legault government suggests that it will only be implemented after Sept. 1 while opposition critics want it put in place sooner.

“The main orientations” of the vaccine passport plan will be announced on Tuesday afternoon by Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubé, who is scheduled to speak at 1 p.m. This follows up on Premier François Legault’s confirmation last Thursday that the theoretical plan would be put into practice in the province to prevent future lockdowns.

But according to La Presse, government sources said Monday that it’s not yet time to unveil an exhaustive list of details about where exactly the passport will be used or required, suggesting that the plan will only be implemented on Sept. 1, after the province’s 75% vaccination target date of Aug. 31.

Opposition critics are calling for the Legault government to put the vaccine passport plan into action right away, to prevent further outbreaks and the spread of the Delta variant in Quebec. Though deaths and hospitalizations don’t appear to be on the rise, daily cases of COVID-19 in Quebec are up significantly over the past two weeks. There were 759 new cases reported yesterday for a three-day period, an average of 253 per day over the weekend.

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