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St-Hubert aims to make their delivery service 50% electric in five years

The 70-year-old Quebec chicken chain is revamping their classic delivery cars.

St-Hubert is celebrating its 70th anniversary in style. The fast food chain will be making a $200,000 investment in carbon credits, on the road to a carbon-neutral delivery service. The chain currently has over 400 delivery vehicles that are hybrid or electric, accounting for more than 20% of their automobiles on the road. They aim to have this number grow to 50% by 2026.

The company has made several eco-conscious decisions in recent years. St-Hubert has donated over $2-million towards environmental causes over the past decade. They were awarded for their “Environmental Achievement” at the 2014 Phénix de l’environnement ceremony.

To celebrate their milestone anniversary, the chicken chain is brining back their classic 1967 Volkswagen delivery Beetle, with a twist. The company has given the iconic car a Pimp My Ride treatment, unveiling an electrified version of the automobile.

St-Hubert Group President Richard Scofield poses alongside the electric revamp of their 1967 Volkswagen delivery Beetle.

“For 70 years, we’ve made it our mission to constantly innovate while remaining authentic, true to our values and dedicated to our customers. It’ll be a real joy to see our electric Beetle on the road,” stated Richard Scofield, the president of St-Hubert Group.

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