Quebec VaxiCode app is now available. Here’s where you’ll need to use it

The app grants access to a long list of events, businesses and services, including outdoor concerts and comedy shows, water parks and agricultural fairs.

As announced yesterday, the VaxiCode app is now available for iOS users, as is the VaxiCode Vérif app for businesses. Android users will have to wait until later this week to download the apps, and those who need a paper document can visit the government website to acquire it.

The vaccine passport will be required for anyone in the province over 13 as of Sept. 1. The Quebec government has revealed precisely where VaxiCode will be used:

  • organized outdoor events and festivals with over 50 people
  • concert halls, movie theatres, spectator sports venues
  • music or comedy shows on outdoor stages
  • nightclubs, bars and restaurants, including terrasses, except for takeout stops
  • casinos and other game establishments including bingo halls
  • arcades, amusement parks, indoor or outdoor theme parks, water parks, zoos, pool or bowling establishments
  • cruises
  • agricultural fairs
  • organized walks, marathons or cycling circuits
  • biodomes, botanical gardens, insectariums, planetariums
  • team sports or physical activity involving frequent contact (with the exception of team and school sports, people residing at the same address)
  • indoor sports or physical activity including gyms

VaxiCode will NOT be required at the following places:

  • private gatherings
  • ceremonies (weddings, funerals)
  • places of worship
  • spas and saunas
  • shops and businesses offering personal and beauty care
  • massage therapy
  • libraries
  • museums
  • dog training courses
  • driving lesson
  • hotels and other accommodation
  • hunting and fishing activities

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