Christian Dubé Aug. 10 Quebec vaccine passport

Quebec vaccine passport required at restaurants, bars, gyms as of Sept. 1

The app is being tested at restaurants and gyms starting this week.

Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubé has outlined how the vaccine passport will work and given Quebecers some idea of where it will be required. In a press conference this afternoon (which was at one point interrupted by an anti-vaccine protester), Dubé reiterated the importance of getting both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine due to the Delta variant and the inevitable fourth wave of the pandemic that appears to be beginning in the province.

As for the vaccine passport, Dubé said that it will be implemented on Sept. 1. The plan will be put in place gradually, he explained, and will allow adequately vaccinated people to have access to public places and events where there are lots of people. He specifically mentioned bars, restaurants and gyms, and said that theatres and festival sites would likely be included — only non-essential events and services. For the time being, the passport will not be used in retail stores.

It will also not apply to kids under 12, who aren’t currently eligible to receive the vaccine. And for those who don’t have a smartphone, a printed version of the passport will be made available.

La Cage Brasserie Sportive in Quebec City will be the site of the first pilot project to test the new vaccine passport app, on Aug. 11 and 12. On Aug. 17 and 18, the process of scanning the QR codes will be tested at Econo-Fitness Vimont in Laval. Results will be discussed at a press conference on Aug. 23.

Dubé, who has been on vacation in recent weeks (as has Premier François Legault), also announced the return of weekly government press conferences about COVID-19.

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