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New study finds RNA vaccines remain 88% effective against Delta variant

Vaccines are an excellent tool in fighting the fourth wave.

Medical microbiologist and infectious disease consultant Alex Carignan has shared some promising results of a new study from the New England Journal of Medicine on the effectiveness of vaccines against the Delta variant. According to the study, RNA vaccines like Pfizer and Moderna remain very effective (88%) against symptomatic Delta variant infection.

The results are reportedly similar to data in Ontario, which confirms that the Pfizer vaccine remains 87% effective against the Delta variant, seven days after the second dose.

A new study finds that RNA vaccines like Pfizer and Moderna remain 88% effective against the Delta variant.

Carignan went on to point out that other data suggests a longer interval between the first and second doses (like in Quebec and the U.K.) could provide a more “robust response” to the vaccine’s effectiveness against the Delta variant. Either way, he says that getting the vaccine is an excellent way to fight the fourth wave.

“In conclusion, although we must watch for a possible decline in immunity over time, vaccines remain an excellent tool in our fight against the Delta variant. The more you and your loved ones are vaccinated, the smoother the developing wave will be!”

–Alex Carignan

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