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Le Burger Week is expanding to two weeks for its 10th edition

Over 1,000 restaurants will participate in the food festival from Sept. 1–14.

Cross-Canada food festival le Burger Week is marking its milestone 10th edition by expanding to two weeks. From Sept. 1–14, over 1,000 restaurants across the country will participate by offering special edition burger creations to those who are dining in, picking up or ordering through DoorDash, the delivery service working with the festival (as they did for Poutine and Pizza weeks this year).

le Burger Week 2021
Montreal restaurant Cosmos is participating in le Burger Week 2021

“In 2012, we launched with 30 restaurants in Montreal and were ecstatic with the response. Word about the success of the festival started to travel and next thing you know we’re hosting our festival across Canada at more than 1,000 restaurants. To be able to grow on this mission and continue to help restaurant communities more year after year for 10 years now in some markets is a dream come true!”

—Le Burger Week co-founder Na’eem Adam

Different restaurants approach these types of food events differently. While some opt for simplicity and back-to-basics, others max out and pile on an excessive amount of decadent toppings — like la Belle et la Boeuf, who’ve made a pair of fried mac ‘n’ cheese patties into buns, with a juicy bacon cheeseburger in between.

Then there are the alternate takes, like Fabergé’s Mediterranean-style veggie burger.

A veggie burger by Fabergé

Once again, le Burger Week will donate a a percentage of every burger sold at participating restaurants to Anorexia and Bulimia Québec (ANEB) and United Way Canada. Over the past decade, le Burger Week as well as la Poutine Week and la Pizza Week have raised over $350,000 for different charities through their restaurant partnerships.

There’s still time for restaurants to sign up to participate in le Burger Week 2021, and burger connoisseurs can keep an eye on the growing list of participants across Canada (and photos of their mouth-watering creations) here.

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