Justin Trudeau: “There was no one like Jack Layton”

Yesterday was the 10-year anniversary of Layton’s passing.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shared a tribute to Jack Layton yesterday to mark the 10-year anniversary of his passing.

Trudeau highlighted the former NDP leader’s optimism, before sending his regards to Olivia Chow, Layton’s widow.

“There was no one like Jack Layton. His unwavering optimism was matched only by his work ethic, and his love of our country. On the 10th anniversary of his passing, my thoughts are with Olivia and all of his family and friends.”

—Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau: “There was no one like Jack Layton”

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh also shared his own tribute, encouraging Canadians to text him to share the different ways that Jack Layton inspired them.

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