Workden Riverside

Workden lets you work from your favourite Montreal bars and restaurants

Montrealers can turn fun and affordable venues across the city into their office spaces.

Workden is offering unique workplace experiences for Montrealers. The startup is transforming some of Montreal’s most esteemed bars at eateries into co-working spaces during the work hours.

From 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., spaces such as Riverside, Burgundy Lion and 212 Montreal will be available to work from. Workden offers two payment plans: $9.99 per day for a desk or $99.99 for a monthly pass. The latter pass will offer patrons access to the company’s wide range of venues.

workden montreal workplace riverside
Workden members working at Riverside

Aside from the beautiful work areas, the company also offers a number of member benefits. This includes boundless snacks, workout sessions and 5à7s.

Workden CEO and co-founder Steven Regimbal explained that the idea for the company came from a desire to make ample use of spaces across the city:

“How could we find a sustainable way to transform unused space into productive and affordable workspaces that all local professionals could use while supporting local commerce. We then asked, what if these local workspaces were also the places we love, filled with the community we love, and the mentors we idolize? These simple questions are what prompted the idea for Workden.”

For more information on Workden and their services, please visit their website.

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