The Montreal CEBL basketball team will play at the Verdun Auditorium

The arena was recently renovated for an estimated $42-million.

It’s official: The forthcoming Montreal CEBL basketball team will play their home games at the newly renovated Verdun Auditorium.

Canadian Elite Basketball League commissioner Mike Morreale shared the news in a recent interview:

“We have some great news! We have received the commitment from the city [of Montreal] as well as the borough of Verdun to play our games next May at the Verdun Auditorium.”

Morreale hinted at the venue when speaking to Cult MTL earlier this year. However, the discussions were too preliminary for him to confirm at that point. Plans for the arena to be renovated began in 2018. The cost was an estimated $42-million.

The commissioner also confirmed that the team name has indeed been chosen. At this time, the league is working on cultivating a strong brand and identity for the Montreal franchise.

“From there, we will have our public launch. We will unveil all of the great names and logos, colours and icons that we’ve been working on for quite some time…We had great feedback from the community”

The 2022 season of the Canadian Elite Basketball League will begin in May 2022. For more information on the league, please visit the CEBL website.

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