Montreal Canadiens Marc Bergevin Habs sponsors Logan Mailloux

Sponsors consider dropping the Habs over Logan Mailloux draft

Four major Montreal brands are re-evaluating their relationship with the Canadiens.

Criticism and potential ramifications are piling up over the first-round draft selection of 18-year-old Ontario native Logan Mailloux by the Montreal Canadiens. A number of the team’s sponsors said that they have contacted Montreal Canadiens executives and are currently re-evaluating their relationship with the Habs.

The Habs sponsors who’ve revealed their disappointment in the polarizing Mailloux draft include the St-Hubert restaurant chain, la Cage resto-bars, Jean-Coutu pharmacies and the financial institution Desjardins Group.

La Cage show their support for the Montreal Canadiens (Sponsors consider dropping the Habs over Logan Mailloux draft)
Desjardins in playoff mode (Sponsors consider dropping the Habs over Logan Mailloux draft)

Mailloux was charged with defamation and the distribution of non-consensual offensive photography in Sweden in 2020. He had taken and shared a photo of himself and an 18-year-old girl engaged in a sex act. While he was only fined $2,000 in Sweden, what Mailloux did is an indictable Criminal Code offence in Canada, liable to imprisonment. 

Justin Trudeau Logan Mailloux Montreal Canadiens draft sponsors Habs
The Prime Minister joins St-Hubert, la Cage, Jean-Coutu and Desjardins Group in expressing disappointment in the Habs

Yesterday Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also expressed his disappointment over the Mailloux draft pick.

“As a lifelong Habs fan, I must say I am deeply disappointed by the decision. I think it was a lack of judgment by the organization. I think they have a lot of explaining to do to Montrealers and to fans right across the country.”

—Justin Trudeau

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