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Lightning coach Jon Cooper reacts to Tampa Bay mayor’s jinx

“I think the fanbase would have loved if we came home with the Stanley Cup tonight.”

The Habs took Game 4 last night following a nail-biter overtime, which started with three minutes of a four-minute penalty called on Shae Weber for high-sticking. Josh Anderson scored a beautiful game-winning goal, sliding across the ice after a top-corner wrist-shot, his second goal of the night. Following the game, Tampa Bay Coach Jon Cooper reacted to comments made earlier that day by the Mayor of Tampa Bay, Jane Castor, who requested that the team “take it a little bit easy, to give the Canadians just the smallest break,” in order for the Lightning to win the Stanley Cup at home. (The notion that Castor’s comment was a jinx for Tampa last night is gaining traction on social media.)

Cooper, of course, would have rather won the Stanley Cup yesterday, but also theorized that fate could be coming into play.

“Let me tell you, I think any fan of any team, if you gave them the option to win the Stanley Cup, or you gotta take your chance and haul out, I think the fanbase would have loved if we came home with the Stanley Cup tonight.

Our fans deserve this, but there are no guarantees. It’s weird, maybe it’s set up, maybe this is the way it was meant to be.”

–Jon Cooper

The Habs play Game 5 on Wednesday night at 8 p.m. in Tampa — unless it’s postponed due to Tropical Storm Elsa, estimated to make landfall in Tampa Bay on Wednesday morning (not to jinx it).

Go Habs Go!

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