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Favourite car brands in Quebec may surprise you

With electric vehicles on the rise, Quebecers prove to be more practical than aspirational.

A new Quebec study by Léger has taken a look at the favourite car brands of Quebecers across the province. According to the results, Toyota, Honda and Audi are the top three favourite car brands in Quebec. The ranking of Tesla, which now sits in the fifth position, is of course a sign of the increasing popularity of electric vehicles in the province. Tesla is also the highest ranking American car manufacturer on the list, beating out Ford, in seventh place. Interestingly enough, the top two brands on the list, Toyota and Honda, still do not sell 100% electric vehicles in their North American markets.

According to analyst Frédéric Mercier, it’s no surprise that Toyota and Honda topped the list.

“The Corolla and RAV4 are among the best-selling models in Quebec year after year, and it is no coincidence. These are products that are not extravagant, but have proven reliability and guarantee excellent resale value. The situation is similar at Honda, which enjoys a good reputation thanks to well-established products such as the Civic, the CR-V and the Pilot.”

Mercier also went on to discuss the practicality of Quebecers, their favourite vehicles leaning less on extravagance and more on value.

By surveying people about their automotive preferences, one could have expected prestige brands such as Porsche or Ferrari to top the list. Quebec respondents who participated in this Léger poll turned to mainstream brands, demonstrating a certain well-established rational side. Of the 10 brands most mentioned in the survey, seven are considered generalist. Only Audi, Tesla and BMW managed to slip into the Top 10 despite selling more expensive products.

Check out the top 25 favourite car brands in Quebec below.

Which of the following car brands are your favourites?

  1. Toyota 28%
  2. Honda 20%
  3. Audi 12%
  4. Hyundai 12 %
  5. Tesla 12%
  6. BMW 11%
  7. Ford 10%
  8. Mazda 9%
  9. Volkswagen 9%
  10. Kia 9%
  11. Subaru 8%
  12. Mercedes 7%
  13. Nissan 7%
  14. Chevrolet 7%
  15. Jeep 6%
  16. Lexus 6%
  17. Porsche 5%
  18. Ferrari 5%
  19. Dodge 5%
  20. Lamborghini 4%
  21. Acura 4%
  22. Volvo 4%
  23. Land Rover 3%
  24. Mitsubishi 3%
  25. Mustang 3%
Favourite car brands in Quebec may surprise you

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