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Conservatives would have a better shot at winning with Stephen Harper as leader

A recent poll has found that Stephen Harper would pose a greater challenge to Justin Trudeau in the next federal election than Erin O’Toole.

A study by Initiative Research has taken a look at how the Conservatives would be polling ahead of the next federal election in Canada if Stephen Harper were the CPC leader instead of Erin O’Toole. The unpopularity of Erin O’Toole has risen steadily since he became leader, with 56% of Canadians holding unfavourable views against him.

According to the poll, if Stephen Harper was the Conservative leader, the CPC would have 32% support, 5% lower than Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party, with 37% support.

The same poll found that the Conservative party under Erin O’Toole had 27% support, 14% lower than Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party, with 41% support.

It’s quite clear that, while the Conservative Party would have a better shot of beating Justin Trudeau with Stephen Harper as leader, neither he nor O’Toole would hold a reasonable chance of winning the next election. According to the CBC Poll Tracker, the Liberal Party has a 92% chance of winning the next election, and a 48% chance that it will be a majority government.

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