Mercedes-Benz electric automobiles 2025 2030

Mercedes-Benz EQS

All new Mercedes-Benz vehicles will be electric by 2030

Mercedes will be spending upwards of $59-billion on the electric initiative.

Mercedes-Benz has announced plans to produce electric cars exclusively by 2030, in markets that allow for it. The German automotive brand put out a press release outlining many of their plans and goals between now and the end of the decade.

Beginning in 2025, all new Mercedes-Benz models moving forward will be electric. The company plans to launch three new cars that year: the MB.EA, the AMG.EA and the VAN.EA. By 2025, electrical alternatives to continuing models will also be available.

Ola Källenius, the CEO of Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz AG, is excited for the company’s environmentally friendly future.

“The EV shift is picking up speed — especially in the luxury segment, where Mercedes-Benz belongs. The tipping point is getting closer and we will be ready as markets switch to electric-only by the end of this decade.”

Ola Källenius poses with the future of Mercedes.

Over the next nine years, Mercedes will be spending upwards of $59-billion (Canadian) on the electric initiative. Eight Gigafactories will be opened across Europe, which will focus on the production and design of cars’ battery cells.

The shift towards electric has been a long time coming. Last year, Mercedes-Benz trained more than 20,000 employees to learn about e-mobility. It was recently announced that the company is creating its own operating system. This initiative will create more than 3,000 jobs for software engineers across the world.

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