solar eclipse Montreal Planetarium

Watch this week’s solar eclipse at the Montreal Planetarium

The event is free and solar filters will be provided.

The Montreal Planetarium will be hosting a free viewing of the solar eclipse on Thursday, June 10.

The solar eclipse will take place between between 5:07 a.m. (sunrise) and 6:39 a.m. It will peak at approximately 5:39 a.m. For viewers in the Montreal area, the moon will cover the sun by 79%. It is expected to cover 89% of the sun’s surface in regions in Northern Quebec.

More information about the forthcoming eclipse from the Montreal’s Planetarium

Planetarium Rio Tinto Alcan will provide attendees with the appropriate eye filters for the occasion. The venue reminds viewers not to stare directly into the sun without the proper eyewear. The event will take place outside of the Planetarium. Members of its team will be in attendance to answer any questions about the eclipse.

Montreal solar eclipse Planetarium
The meeting place for Thursday’s solar eclipse viewing at the Montreal Planetarium

If you can’t make it to the Planetarium, don’t worry! Free fact sheets and protective eyewear are being distributed throughout libraries in the city.

Ex-President Donald Trump staring directly into a solar eclipse, 2017

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, capacity is limited and attendees are required to wear masks. Although the event is free, tickets are mandatory. You can purchase them here.

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