Vans skatepark Montreal

Vans announce the second phase of its Olympic skatepark in Montreal

It includes a 10,000 square-metre street course and new obstacles for skaters of all proficiencies.

Vans Canada has unveiled the second phase of its skatepark within the Olympic Park in Montreal. It includes a 10,000 square-metre street course and new obstacles for skaters of all proficiencies. The park’s skate bowl and fountains will also be restored during this phase. The announcement coincides with international Go Skateboarding Day.

Footage of the Vans Canada skatepark in Montreal, which opened in 2019.

Vans Canada marketing manager Alex Auchu believes that skateboarding can be paramount to maintaining good mental and physical health.

“We want to give all Montrealers the opportunity to dig into skateboard culture, whether they’re already part of the Montreal skate community, are interested in trying skateboarding for the first time, or simply want to watch,” explained Auchu.

The skatepark is a favourite of Montrealers, for skateboarders of all levels

Vans Canada designed the park with the firm California Skateparks. Founded in 1998, the company has designed hundreds of skateparks globally.

The Vans Skatepark officially opened in 2019 as part of the Vans Park Series initiative. It is free and open seven days a week. The park is located off near Sherbrooke street, close to Viau metro.

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