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Three names the CEBL should consider for its Montreal basketball team

Professional basketball is coming to Montreal next year.

The CEBL is gearing up for its 2021 season. In only its third year, the league has been establishing a strong name for itself in the world of Canadian basketball. There are currently seven teams across four provinces. Next year, the basketball league will expand to Quebec, with a new team based in Montreal. In April, the Canadian Elite Basketball League put out an open call for fans to help name the forthcoming team.

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This week, the CEBL set up social media accounts for the Montreal team. The dream of professional basketball in Montreal is now closer to a reality.

Montreal CEBL basketball team arrives on social media

With only a year until the team’s first season, building a brand will be crucial. Building a team identity in Quebec can prove to be more of a challenge than the rest of Canada, due to the province’s bilingualism.

Here are three team names that the Canadian Elite Basketball should consider for their Montreal basketball franchise.

Montreal Miracles

If this year’s Montreal Canadiens’ season is any indication, this city’s sports teams are capable of pulling off the impossible. The “Miracles” would be a perfect name to exemplify the city’s whimsical spirit in the art of athleticism.

Montreal has been deprived of professional basketball for too long. Having the sport return to the city is a miracle in itself!

Montreal Matrix

This name is a callback to a previous basketball team that existed in the city. This team played in the now-defunct American Basketball Association, from 2005 until 2008. The Matrix also switched their name to the Montreal Royals for a brief period of time, which would be an equally promising name.

Montreal Marmots

Marmot (Marmota monax) eating tomatoes in a garden; Quebec, Canada - Stock  Photo - Dissolve

The CEBL has an already rich history of incorporating animals into team names. Perhaps a “marmot” or groundhog is not the most intimidating animal. However, it is hard to argue against the furry creature being one of Montreal’s favourite wildlife specimens.

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