vaccine appointments Quebec

Christian Dubé

Vaccine appointments in Quebec can be moved up, 8-week intervals between doses allowed

The acceleration of the rollout begins on Monday.

In a press conference this afternoon, Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubé announced that now that 75% of adults in the province have received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, appointments to receive second doses can be moved up. The interval allowed between first and second doses has shortened to 8 weeks from 16 weeks.

As of Monday, June 7, Quebecers over 80 can book their second-dose appointments. The age group that can reschedule vaccine appointments anywhere in Quebec will decrease by 5 years every day. According to the head of province’s vaccine rollout, Daniel Paré, once a new appointment for a second dose is made via, the original second-dose appointment will automatically be cancelled. ClicSante will not allow appointments to be made before eight weeks has elapsed between doses.

vaccine appointments Quebec
Vaccine appointments in Quebec can be moved up, 8-week intervals between doses are now allowed

Dubé noted that despite the province reaching its 75% goal three weeks early, there are still roughly 220,000 people in the 18–40 age group that have not made their appointments. He urges Quebecers in that age groups to do so ASAP, saying that there are 65,000 appointments available over the next three days.

To make a vaccination appointment in Quebec, please click here. For more on COVID-19 in Quebec, please visit the Santé Québec website.

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