Dragon Flowers

Frank and Oak apologizes to Dragon Flowers for appropriating their facade

The Montreal clothing brand came under fire for ignoring a request to stop selling a t-shirt featuring the shop’s famous facade.

Well-known Mile End flower shop Dragon Flowers revealed on social media over the weekend that Montreal designer and retailer Frank and Oak has been selling a t-shirt featuring their famous facade. Worse than that, they said, Frank and Oak continued to promote the shirt on their Instagram page even after Dragon Flowers ask them to cease and desist.

“We don’t stand for corporate posturing. Larger businesses that use small local businesses, like ours, to further their own agendas while ignoring the wishes of communities, is not something we choose to align ourselves with.

“This lack of respect for our voice and space is the reason why we’ve made the decision to write to our community here. Thank you to all those that sincerely support small businesses and have deep respect for the Mile End community.”

Frank and Oak has now apologized publicly to Dragon Flowers and their community, announcing that they have withdrawn the shirts. There is, however, no word about financial compensation.

“We know we’ve disappointed you and this is our first step in making things right with Tamey, you, our creative partners, and the community as a whole.”

Frank and Oak apologizes

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