Canadian flag Canada day display

Photo by Adam Scotti

Less than half the country plans to display the Canadian flag this Canada Day

Just 14% of Quebecers are planning a (federal) patriotic display.

According to a new study by Leger Marketing, less than half the country (46%) plans to display a Canadian flag on Canada Day tomorrow. Quebec was the province whose citizens were least likely to display the Canadian flag (14%), while the Atlantic provinces were the most likely (52%).

The study also found that those planning to display the Canadian flag on Canada Day tomorrow were likely to be over 35 years old, and Liberal and Conservative party supporters.

The survey also found that 77% of Canadians don’t believe Canada Day should be cancelled tomorrow.

Leger Marketing conducted this survey to determine how Canadians feel about Canada Day this year, in light of the horrific discoveries of unmarked graves outside former residential schools.

Other key findings:

  • ”More than half of Canadians say their level of Canadian pride hasn’t changed compared to five years ago, however, Albertans, those under 55, and NDP supporters are feeling less proud.
  • “Generally, Canadians feel it would be good if the Canadian flag was displayed more and are less worried about offending marginalized groups.”

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