Lady Gaga: “Why are bucket hats such a thing?”

We couldn’t agree more.

Lady Gaga just posted some photos of herself on board a private jet on the way to New York City. The legendary artist is wearing a matching pink bucket hat and Panama shirt combo with strawberries on it, over a white crop top. Gaga captioned the photo with, “Did somebody say NEW YORK?…. also why are these hats such a thing ????.”

Lady Gaga: “Why are bucket hats such a thing?”

While Lady Gaga always looks amazing, she just asked one of the best, most current fashion questions today: What is the deal with bucket hats? And we couldn’t agree more. There is no reason that something you wear to sleepaway camp, or something you once wore as a kid to keep the sun out of your eyes, should be considered such a “cool” thing.

And yet every designer makes one. Designers form Prada to Louis Vuitton to Gucci and Versace have all put bucket hats on their runways. They don’t even look good and it’s gotten embarrassing.

Please stop.

Moral of this story: Just because you see Bella Hadid wear something once, does not mean you should think it’s an item you need or looks cool.

Thank you for reading this rant.

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