It’s normal to be anxious about the return to “normal”

More than half of Canadians have anxiety about returning to their old routines.

Leger Marketing has released a study analyzing the anxiety levels of Canadians and Americans regarding the return to “normal” life. As it turns out, most Canadians, 52%, are anxious about going back to how things were before the pandemic, with 11% indicating high levels of anxiety.

The following context was provided ahead of the question on anxiety:

We have all had to adapt to a new life during the pandemic. As governments now announce that we are gradually going back to ‘normal,’ do you find that going back to how things were before the pandemic is a source of anxiety for you?

It’s normal to be anxious about the return to “normal”

Roughly the same percentage of Americans, 48%, report to having anxiety about the return to “normal,” with 17% experiencing high levels of anxiety.

Other key findings:

  • “27% of Canadians think the plans their premier has announced to ease COVID-19 safety measures are going too fast, 53% think they are proceeding at the right pace, and 20% think they are not going fast enough.
  • “44% of Canadians and 49% of Americans think that the safety measures put in place by their provincial/state government over the past year were tough but appropriate given the context.”

For the full list of results and methodology, please visit the Leger Marketing website. Free 24/7 mental health support is available through Wellness Together Canada at 1-866-585-0445.

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