Euro 2020: The battle of St-Viateur

Bishop & Bagg (England) vs. Café Olimpico (Italy).

The postponed Euro 2020 soccer tournament is about to kick off this afternoon at 3 p.m., and as traditional rivalries begin to play out on the pitch, fans are getting into it, too. In Montreal, two businesses on St-Viateur are engaging in their own tradition, placing a bet over whether England or Italy will go further as Euro 2020 plays out. British-style pub Bishop & Bagg will of course be cheering for England while, a couple of blocks away, the Mile End flagship location of Café Olimpico is betting on Italy.

Euro 2020: The battle of St-Viateur, Bishop & Bagg vs. Café Olimpico

The staff from the losing business will have to wear merch from the other business for a full day once the tournament is over.

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