Christian Dubé shares new rollout video and François Legault doesn’t get it

“If you watched this, I owe you one.”

A day after announcing that Quebec has vaccinated 75% of adults with a first dose, Health Minister Christian Dubé has shared a video on social media encouraging Quebecers to get the second. In the video, Dubé walks out with a serious expression on his face, and smiles as he points two fingers to the ground, making a circle with his thumb and index finger. (This is a reference to a popular TikTok challenge involving the hand signal and a punch in the arm.) The video text then reads, “It doesn’t hurt more than a ‘bine.’ Get vaccinated.” Christian Dubé posted the video with the caption, “If you watched this, I owe you one.”

Christian Dubé in new campaign video: “If you watched this, I owe you one”

Quebec Premier François Legault also shared the video, saying that he’s not sure he understands the reference.

Quebec is currently the most vaccinated province in Canada, and one of the most vaccinated places in the world, with 61.9% of the population vaccinated with at least a first dose. To put that in perspective, Israel, the world leader according to Our World In Data, has vaccinated 63.02% of its population with a first dose. Quebec is set to surpass Israel next week in first dose vaccinations.

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