Best Video Games Made in Montreal

Batman: Arkham Origins, Assassin’s Creed Shadow of the Tomb Raider and more.

Montreal is the 5th top video game producer globally, behind Tokyo, London, and San Francisco. The industry has had many valuable games, which became world famous. In this post, we’ll discuss the best games that came out of Montreal. Make sure not to miss these video game classics.

Batman: Arkham Origins

Batman is a popular character, which has expanded the popularity of games. The first video game with Batman as the main character was launched in 1986, followed by 50 more throughout the years. You probably remember that you had more than one Batman game when you were little, as you enjoyed your console gaming experience. However, critics can agree that Arkham Origins is the best Batman video game on the market. Launched in 2013 by WB Games, Montreal showed how Batman gained his skills and notorious personality. It features excellent graphics of Gotham city, enhanced with advanced weapons, which Batman is famous for.

Assassin’s Creed

Assassin’s Creed has become a famous brand, implemented in video games, comics, books, and a Netflix series. The game features recognizable and authentic parkour, which is the signature style of the series. 

The game allows users to better experience the rivalry between the Assassins and Templars in high-quality graphics. It is a fantastic action-adventure game in an open-environment setting. However, if you prefer other types of games, you can always try sites like, for example.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider is the timeless classic, featuring Lara Croft. Launched in 2018, Shadow of the Tomb Raider restored the magic of the classic. Both critics and fans agree that this version is one of the best video game remakes, becoming more popular shortly after launch. 

It covers the original background, where Lara Croft is a fearless explorer and adventurer willing to explore the unknown. The game itself features a mix of stealth and puzzle elements and an amusing and engaging backstory. 

The fantastic scenery originates from Latin America, as the developers tried to keep it authentic. The story is based on Mayan and Aztec mythology, and it is essential to note that the developers made extra efforts to keep it precise. They had profound consultations with natives from the region to keep the story as accurate as possible. 


While Jotun might not be as famous as Assassins Creed and Shadow of the Tomb Raider, it still deserves to find its place on this list. Jotun is a fascinating video game made in Montreal that will blow your mind. If you haven’t tried it yet, you may want to do so after reading this. 

Jotun is a combination between action and adventure, drawing inspiration from Norse mythology. The unique feature of this game is the fact that it is hand-drawn; creating this game took much time and effort. The final result surprised many video game critics, who were amazed by the visually striking aesthetics. 

Launched in 2015, this game was intentionally designed for PC. This project resulted from a successful crowdfunding campaign, and the game was redesigned to fit Nintendo Switch and PS4.

Watch Dogs 2

In this action-adventure game, you play as Marcus, a young hacker that can easily hack into the surroundings. This gives you the power to manipulate any element of the surroundings in different ways. Watch Dogs 2 is a remake of the original, with more improvements to enhance the user’s experience. Launched back in 2016, this game lets you explore a fictionalized version of San Francisco.