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There’s nothing quite like watching the Habs lose to the Leafs on weed.

After a brief detour into gel capsules last month, I’m back on the pre-roll train. Since the weather’s finally getting nicer — minus the heavy rain in recent weeks — and vaccines are steadily rolling out, Montrealers are chomping at the bit for summer days of drinking and smoking in their park of choice. As such, this is as good a time as ever to preview more prerolls you can easily pick up to-go from the SQDC, without the hassle of grinding and rolling them yourself. Of course, not all prerolls are created equal, so here’s what you can expect from these three bad boys in particular.

SATIVA: Edison Limelight When you get a strain that’s anywhere between 20 and 27% THC, you know you’re in for a time — whether that’s a pleasant or stressful one. This is one strain that can definitely elicit both feelings, sometimes during the same high. With that in mind, moderation is strongly recommended for this one. The high is visceral, hard-hitting and definitely serves its intended purpose. It can also be anxiety-inducing, though I don’t know if that was just me protecting because I smoked it while the Habs were losing 3-0 to the Leafs at a crucial juncture in this COVID-shortened NHL season. Either way, it causes me to lie down for about 10 minutes, and get under the covers while yawning uncontrollably. So yeah, this one packs a punch, especially if you overdo it. 7.5/10

INDICA: Figr Black Cherry Punch

Everything about this strain’s packaging and presentation is deeply confusing to me. First off, it’s not immediately obvious that you have to slide the top of the container toward you in order to open it. Until you realize this, trying to open it will be like solving a Cheech and Chong-themed Rubik’s cube. Not only that, but the joints look wayyyy shorter than they should be, as there’s a lot of twirl at the top of each joint where weed (ideally) should be. Sometimes less is more, people —and I mean the packaging, not the amount of cannabis present. That being said, it gives you a fairly pleasant head high, especially with almost 22% THC in the mix. It’s not as lasting or as powerful as Limelight, however, despite a similar THC percentage. 6.5/10

HYBRID: Orchid L’Unique

Now for something a little different. As you’ll see on the container, this strain is CBD-dominant, and the one I got contained only 3.4% THC with 8% CBD. Since that’s more than twice as much, this will definitely put in more work relaxing you than getting you high. If your goal is to smoke away some anxiety rather than get knocked off your ass, this is the best strain of the three. It’s also quite suitable for park hangs, particularly at nighttime, and goes quite well with music. I smoke it while watching a Tame Impala concert video, as one does. Not only do I get blissfully lost in the music — it was their performance of their debut, Innerspeaker, in its entirety — but I also develop serious wanderlust, given that it was performed in a house overlooking a beach in Australia. God, I miss travelling. 8/10

This feature originally appeared in the May issue of Cult MTL. For more about prerolls and other formats of legal cannabis in Quebec, please visit the SQDC website.

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