Wake Island Born to Leave

REVIEW: Wake Island, Born to Leave

10/10 for the new album by the Montreal electronic duo.

Wake Island, Born to Leave (Independent)

A gradual two-year buildup of one-off singles for the Montreal/NY duo has culminated into a cohesive album, and when you take a step back and absorb the journey as a whole, the result is undeniable. The natives of Lebanon have taken a long emotional, physical and musical trek to reach where they are now. They built Laylit, a community around the music of the Middle Eastern diaspora, which informs the rewarding sonic turns taken on the primarily electronic Born to Leave. It’s an album about the places we call home: the physical spaces, the memories, the people and the things we long to experience again. Nothing is taken for granted and victories are hard-earned. The album Wake Island was born to make. 10/10 Trial Track: “Nouvelle Vague”

“Nouvelle Vague” from Born to Leave by Wake Island

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