Research is Important Before Buying CBD Oil For Cats

What sort of ailments can CBD treat?

Many cat owners want to see their kitties happy and healthy. This is why there are frequent trips to the veterinarian to ensure that they are in tiptop shape. Some check other wellness supplements that can make their furry friends live an even better life. One of these is CBD oil, which is an excellent alternative to making pets less anxious and more fun. Read more about CBD oil on this page.

Cannabidiol or CBD oil comes from the plant Cannabis sativa, but this is different from marijuana. Cannabis extracts with less than 0.3% THC are known to have therapeutic effects on humans and animals. Some products of cannabis like CBD can provide relief from pain without making your pet high. Research has also shown that cannabidiol can reduce inflammation and other conditions that can impact older felines.

So, is this product safe for your pet cat? What sort of ailments can CBD treat?

Where the Oil Comes From?

Cannabis or the hemp plant varieties often have a lot of compounds in them. The most popular one is cannabidiol, and the other is tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. THC is over 30% in marijuana, making the users addicted to weed and produces a “high” that affects one’s central nervous system.

In the meantime, the cannabidiol that’s harvested from hemp plants has less than 0.3% THC, and this is not enough to make your feline pet high. You can know more about the legitimate products like Cheef Botanicals CBD oil for cats that contain 0% THC and other organic ingredients. Choosing the right product for your pet cat can alleviate whatever pain it may be feeling and help it live a healthier life.

Know that if you notice any signs of anxiety or other serious conditions, you should visit your pet’s veterinarian for a more accurate diagnosis. However, you may also want to ask whether you’re allowed to administer CBD oil on top of the medications that your cat is currently taking. Further studies that aim to know the in-depth effects of cannabidiol are still needed, and the FDA hasn’t regulated this industry yet.

Since there’s no regulation in the industry, you may not find a lot of vets who are willing to recommend a specific cannabidiol product for your cat. Doing research and due diligence is a must if you want to buy the right extracts that are effective and safe for your cat. In many cases, CBD Is often used to improve your pet’s quality of life, which is not necessarily a sole cure for a specific ailment. Before initiating any treatment, consult the vets first to be on the safe side.

Safety of the Extracts

Most products in the market are safe as long as they come from legitimate companies. Know that there are no formal studies done with CBD and cats, but many users have experienced the positive effects of cannabidiol-infused extracts and treats ontheir pets. Overall, a pure cannabidiol isolate is safe for animals, but some side effects may include dry mouth, sedation, and GI upset. 

Some are concerned that the more significant issue is about the dose of the felines from a medical perspective. When you have the right product, you need to make sure that you read the labels or the charts for the right dose to give to your kitty. The dosage may depend on the animal’s weight, breed, size, and overall health condition. You should start with minimal doses and go with the gradual increase if things go well.

Many professors in Veterinary Science admit that they are hesitating to recommend cannabis products because of no documented research present. Even if humans were able to experience appetite stimulation, reduce anxiety, and decrease neuropathic pain, there are still lots of medicines out there that can be used safely on pets. 

Although this is the stand of many vets, it did not stop users from helping their felines to overcome their anxiety with the help of CBD oil. The oil bottles that have undergone the carbon dioxide extraction process are known to be safe, and others always get a certificate of analysis from the manufacturers to be on the safe side.

Pet parents now do in-depth research and due diligence to know more about the products they will give to their felines. This industry is a “buyer beware” or caveat emptor marketplace where people should have solid evidence that the oils that they are purchasing are safe from fungi, bacteria, toxins, and heavy metals. Learn more about buyer beware here

It’s worth noting that the phytocannabinoids in the hemp plants interact with the cats’ endocannabinoid system. These interactions produce therapeutic effects and homeostasis in the animals’ bodies that promote general wellness and more energy. 

Legalities of the Oil

Regardless of the effects of a CBD product on cats, there’s also the growing concern of the oils’ legality. As long as the oil does not contain more than 0.3% THC at a federal level, it can be classified as an extract from a hemp plant. This is not a restricted drug and substance, and most of the products sold on different websites today are legal.

Another issue that you should be prepared to face is whether your vet will allow the treatment of CBD oil. There are discussions about making CBD legal, but it’s still not approved in many states in the US. What you need is to know more about the ingredients, methods of extractions, and hemp quality of the product before choosing it over the others.