Défi mini-putt rds carl carmoni

RDS used to broadcast mini-putt tournaments

Défi mini-putt aired on RDS from 1989 to 1998.

RDS (Réseau des sports) is Quebec’s go-to source for all things sports. It is the top television network for coverage on the NBA, PGA, UFC and, of course, the NHL. Before RDS became a staple for professional sports in the province, their programming was niche, to say the least.

RDS was founded in September of 1989, as an offspring of the ever-popular English-language TSN (The Sports Network). However, unlike its sister network, Réseau des sports had difficulty gaining the rights to many major sports broadcasts. To compensate, the station resorted to hyperspecific Quebec content, including professional mini-putting.

Yes, you read that right. Défi mini-putt aired on the television network from 1989 to 1998. The hour-long program saw four competitors facing off on an 18-hole stretch.

Défi mini-putt featured colour commentary from Serge Vleminckx, who many saw as the backbone of the broadcasts. Vleminckx was notorious for his signature catchphrase: “BIRDIE!” The show’s star putter, Carl Carmoni, was a fan favourite, with an affinity for Pepsi-Cola. Carmoni has gone on record stating he would have four colas per tournament.

A compilation of “BIRDIE!” moments from Défi mini-putt

Défi mini-putt has been off the air for over two decades but its legacy lives on. Carl Carmoni continues to organize and participate in putting tournaments across the province and the show has gained a new generation of fans through the power of the internet.

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