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Quebec curfew to end on May 28

Five months later, the curfew is lifting.

Quebec’s five-month long curfew is coming to an end. TVA News is reporting that François Legault will make the announcement on Tuesday at 5 p.m.

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Quebec’s five-month long curfew is coming to a close.

The end of the curfew will apply to all sectors of the province, expect for “emergency measures” areas. As previously reported, Legault is also set to outline the province’s plan for deconfinement and reopenings tomorrow. According to Radio-Canada sources, this plan will include the opening of terrasses as of May 28, even in red zones like Montreal.

Earlier today, Legault talked about planning for the coming months:

“What I wanted to make sure is that we have a complete plan. That is to say: what will happen in houses, what will to happen at the Bell Centre, what will happen in our life in general, what will happen after one dose, two doses.”

He continued:

“It should be a plan that is more beneficial for [this coming] summer than last summer because we have the vaccination going well and we did not last summer.”

There have been 129,071 known infections of COVID-19 in Montreal since the beginning of the pandemic. Today, Santé Québec reported that there are 551 new cases across the province.

The curfew has been in place since Jan. 9.

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