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No distancing required in CEGEPS, universities if 75% vaccination achieved for 16-29 group

Currently 42% of 16 to 29-year-olds have received their first dose.

In a press conference from Montreal this afternoon, Quebec public health provided updates on the plans for Quebec’s universities and CEGEPs, encouraging students to get vaccinated this summer. Quebec Higher Education Minister Danielle McCann confirmed that if the 16 – 29 age group is able to achieve 75% vaccination coverage, then no physical distancing will be required inside of classrooms or common areas at universities and CEGEPS. Dr. Horacio Arruda has confirmed that currently, approximately 42% of 16-29 year-olds have received at least their first dose.

Montreal alone has approximately 530,000 students. There was no confirmation at this time whether masks will still be required next year, however Quebec has already stated its goal to end mask use by Aug. 31.

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