Montreality spotify playlist

MONTREALITY Spotify playlist is a mecca for local music discovery

Montreal Gems is updated regularly with the most exciting local talent in hip hop and R&B.

Over the past decade and change, MONTREALITY has established itself as one of the most unique media voices in the world of hip hop. Founded by Sina Ghiassi and Daniel Yañez in 2009, the pair built a name for themselves with their YouTube channel. It is here where rappers are asked questions they will not find anywhere else.

MONTREALITY’s interview format moves to the beat of a different drum. Their style is comparable to a first date — there is more of a desire to get to know the true artist, as opposed to simply plugging their projects. The publication has interviewed some of the biggest names in rap music, both old and new school. Lil Baby, Kendrick Lamar, Post Malone and Wu-Tang Clan are just a few of the names that the MONTREALITY crew have sat down with.

No matter how big the brand grows, Ghiassi and Yañez never forget home. Montreal Gems is a playlist by the publication featuring some of the most exciting aspiring local talent in hip hop and R&B. It is updated regularly. This week’s additions include new music by Skiifall, Shay Lia and High Klassified.

You can listen to the playlist below:

Montreal Gems Spotify playlist by MONTREALITY

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