Christian Dubé essential workers vaccination

Montreal essential workers and 55+ being fast-tracked for vaccination

Teachers, cops, community workers, firefighters, some food industry workers and anyone 55+ are next up.

UPDATED 2:15 p.m. Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubé announced in a press conference this morning that the COVID-19 vaccine will be available to new groups of Montrealers starting as early as tomorrow. In Montreal, anyone over 55 who’s willing to get the AstraZeneca vaccine can go to a designated walk-in clinic without an appointment as of 8 a.m. on Thursday.

Vaccination sites without an appointment will be accessible tomorrow in Montreal for people aged 55+ who want to be vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine immediately. Consult the list of AstraZeneca vaccination sites without appointment here.

—Santé Montréal

As of Friday, essential workers who work in Montreal can make appointments to get vaccinated in mass vaccination centres via ClicSanté. Essential workers include elementary and high school teachers and daycare staff, police officers, firefighters and prison guards, slaughterhouse workers, personnel from mining sectors in remote areas, temporary foreign workers in the agricultural sector and community workers — proof of employment is required at vaccination centres. Dubé noted that this group covers roughly 300,000 people in the city.

Finally, the chronically ill and those who live them can get vaccinated in hospital as of next week. According to Dubé, this group accounts for roughly 150,000 Montrealers.

Dubé reiterated Premier Legault’s promise that all Quebecers who want a vaccine will be able to get their first dose by June 24.

Read more about the new groups eligible for COVID-19 vaccination in Quebec here. For more about the vaccination program in Quebec, please visit the Santé Québec website.

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