Harry Meghan Monarchist League of Canada

The discontinued postcard. Courtesy the collection of Matthew Hays

Monarchist League of Canada trashes Meghan and Harry

A query about a discontinued postcard elicited an intense response from an organization that claims to value the “diverse backgrounds” of its members.

When Oprah Winfrey interviewed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, last month, many onlookers were stunned to hear the couple speak about their reasoning for leaving Britain and their regular roles as key members of the Royal Family.

While many took sides, it appeared the Canadian government and other national institutions — true to the stereotype of being diplomatic and polite — kept their opinions to themselves.

That is, until now. The Monarchist League of Canada, a nonprofit organization founded in 1970 as a means to promote knowledge and understanding of Canada’s ongoing connection to the Royal Family, has discontinued its official “Harry and Meghan” postcards, once available on the merchandise section of their web site.

The popular item, which read “Harry & Meghan Congratulations Felicitations,” features a photo of the pair smiling and cuddling.

When asked why the postcards had been discontinued, the Monarchist League of Canada (MLC) responded in an email: “They are not working members of the Royal Family, and have caused disruption and unhappiness in their family and throughout the Commonwealth to the detriment of the Monarchy, so why would the League sell postcards of them any more?”

When asked to clarify the League’s position on the Harry & Meghan controversy, the League did not respond to follow-up emails.

While Meghan and Harry offered up provocative stories that have led many to believe racism is alive and well in the Royal Family, the MLC’s description, posted on their own website, appears to commit to diversity in its own membership.

“The Monarchist League of Canada is a group of your friends and neighbours from across the country,” the statement reads, “united in their interest in and loyalty towards Canada’s constitutional monarchy. As an inclusive and outward-looking organization, the league is strengthened by the diverse backgrounds and experiences of its members, and is able to project its message nationally in a contemporary manner owing to its credibility and high visibility in the Canadian media.”

The statement continues: “Since its inception in 1970, the league has gained a national reputation as the leading voice of intelligent monarchical opinion in Canada.”

The Harry and Meghan postcards are available from private sellers on ebay, however the price continues to rise as word spreads that they are no longer being issued.

The MLC did not respond as of press time. ■

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