CEBL Montreal Canadian elite basketball league expansion

Help name and brand Montreal’s new CEBL basketball team

The CEBL is calling on fans to submit their ideas for the forthcoming Montreal expansion team.

The CEBL (Canadian Elite Basketball League) is making its way to Montreal in summer 2022 and needs your help. The league is calling on fans to help create a brand identity around the forthcoming team.

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The CEBL has released a survey where participants can give their input on competencies such as “team name, colours, logo and mascot.” Furthermore, fans are encouraged to submit their very own concepts for said fields.

You can help brand Montreal’s forthcoming CEBL basketball team.

Speaking to Cult MTL earlier this year, CEBL CEO and commissioner Mike Morreale emphasized the importance of local involvement in cultivating the team’s image:

“We are debating on the process in terms of that because we do have some favourites, of course, and we have some colour favourites. That brand consistency is really important. At the same time, you know, we want to make sure that the community participates.”

Morreale also teased that the team may have red, white and blue jersey colourways, akin to the Alouettes, Canadiens and Expos:

“It is definitely being considered. If you look around our other teams, they mimic some of the traditional colours. They’re definitely on the list!”

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