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Legault: Cops are coming for Old Montreal vandals

The Premier encourages young people to respect pandemic rules for 73 more days — till we’re all vaccinated.

In a press conference this afternoon, Quebec Premier François Legault commented on the riot in Old Montreal on Sunday night, an event that left dozens of businesses with property damage. The riot began as a peaceful protest against the return of the 8 p.m. curfew.

“If people don’t respect the curfew at 8 p.m., they expose themselves to getting a fine. Those who commit vandalism and break windows, those people… I think all Quebecers are shocked to see that, and police officers are going to try to catch them and give them the tickets they deserve.

“It’s important to repeat that the vast majority of Quebecers support the measures, and they don’t like to see (rioting). I think it’s a very small minority of Quebecers doing that. For now, I think the situation is under control and if it happens again, police will be present.”

—François Legault

In his opening statement, Legault voiced a message for young people — specifically the people who were not involved in the Old Montreal incident, he specified:

“I have a message for the young people who have had enough of the pandemic: I understand that you’re tired; when you’re 20, you want to go out with your friends and have fun. I’m not judging you — on the contrary, we must recognize all the efforts you made in the past year — but more and more young people are getting sick. Without meaning to lecture you, right now it is your health that is at risk. There are young people who are going to hospital and having serious consequences, so you have to be careful with your health. We have 73 days ahead of us before all adults will be vaccinated, all those who wish to be, so I want to say: be prudent. Please follow the rules to protect yourself.”

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