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Carey Mulligan to play Adam Sandler’s wife in new Netflix film

Sandler stars as an astronaut in the sci-fi drama by Johan Renck (Chernobyl).

Carey Mulligan has been getting lots of attention lately. Her fantastic performance in Promising Young Woman has landed her multiple award nominations, including an Oscar nom for Best Actress.

Carey Mulligan’s next film role has just been revealed and it is surprising, to say the least. The actress will star alongside Adam Sandler in Spaceman, a forthcoming science-fiction drama by Johan Renck, who directed HBO’s Chernobyl mini-series.

Mulligan will play the wife of Sandler’s astronaut protagonist. The film is based on the novel Spaceman of Bohemia by Czech author Jaroslav Kalfař. It follows an astronaut who goes on an eight-month mission to collect dust from space, leaving his friends and family behind along the way.

Both Carey Mulligan and Adam Sandler have other Netflix projects in the pipeline for the forthcoming year as well. Mulligan is set to star in Maestro, the latest directorial effort of A Star Is Born‘s Bradley Cooper. Speaking of A Star Is Born, Sandler’s forthcoming Netflix basketball comedy, Hustle, is co-written by Will Fetters, who helped pen the script for the Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga feature. LeBron James serves as an executive producer of the latter film.

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