Canadians Choose Interac When Paying Online

At the end of the day, you want to manage your money in a way that is safe and reliable.

Online entertainment has come to prominence over the past few years, and Canadians have certainly developed a taste for some of the best leisurely activities that can be accessed remotely. The past year has been a catalyst of this trend. Still, as people started going online for their recreational activities, many people started asking themselves what the most reliable way to pay online is.  Over the past months, we have carefully studied online entertainment trends. We have established that increasingly, people are turning to Interac as their most trusted payment method online. Extensive web traffic observations have shown that Interac is now the go-to solution for at least several activities that are considered popular pastimes in Canada.

Streaming Services and Subscriptions

One of the go-to solutions for many Canadians has been choosing a streaming service that brings them many of the good TV series they’ve always wanted to see. All such services support payments with Interac, which has given consumers both peace of mind and added comfort, opting for some popular choices, including:

  • Amazon Prime
  • Disney Plus
  • Netflix
  • HBO Max
  • Hulu

All of these streaming services are very popular with the Canadian public, especially when a trusted payment option is available. Naturally, the general public has been paying for other services, such as online subscriptions to video games, which brings us to the second trend we have spotted about Interac and its use at online gambling sites in Canada.

Online Gaming and Casinos

In the last year, Interac has also made its way into the online gaming industry as a quick and safe banking method. Google trends clearly show more people search for Interac casinos in Canada, a trend confirmed by Connor Bergeron, founder of TrueNorthCasinos.  He believes Interac is preferred because there are no transaction fees when used at online casinos and they extend a safe and reliable banking method, important also during in-game purchases. More Canadians turn to Interac to make purchases through the Steam and Epic Game Shops, gaining access to favourite products while still protecting their financial details.  MMORPGs subscription services are another popular choice, and Canadians don’t think twice before opting for this payment method. As of 2020, Interac has clocked over 400 million transactions in a single year, making it the most trusted payment solution.  The payment method continues to be a top pick for any Canadian looking to the bank for leisure online in the country.

E-commerce and Shopping

E-commerce and shopping is another big area of interest where Interac excels as the go-to solution. Consumers are drawn to their familiarity with the payment method and its reputation in the country.  As a result, a good number of all e-commerce and shopping transactions are carried through Interac, making for a trusted banking method that provides you with the necessary level of security and protection you know you can trust and rely on. E-commerce has never been simpler, and Interac contributes to this.

Pay Your Taxes with Interac

Another area in which Interac seems to be one of the preferred choices is tax payment. Consumers across Canada are more than happy to use a familiar payment service to cover important transactions that have to do with sorting taxes. The reasons behind this decision are simple to guess, as Interac is:

  • Highly-efficient payment system
  • Secured and reliable banking method
  • A safe way to transfer money in any circumstances

Overall, Interact manages to strike home with Canadians regarding tax and entertainment, which is to be expected.

Paying Online Feels Safer with Interac

At the end of the day, you want to manage your money in a way that is safe and reliable. The best way to do this is to stick to trusted payment options that simplify you to transfer money around. One of those is Interac.  The payment system has been around for years and it has achieved a strong compounded annual growth precisely because it offers everything consumers expect from a trusted banking option. Interac offers lightning-fast transactions, no additional costs, and an overall trusted and proven experience as the golden standard for online banking in Canada.