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Canada PBO endorses guaranteed basic income proposal of $17K/person, $24K/couple

The program would cut Canada’s national poverty rate in half.

The Canadian Press have reported that Yves Giroux, the parliamentary budget officer, has just endorsed a proposal for guaranteed basic income in Canada. Under the proposal, a single person would make $16,989 per year and couples would make $24,027. Individuals with disabilities would receive 6,000 more.

According to the report, the program would cost $85-billion, and the amount would be offset by the elimination of programs like the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB), and various welfare programs. According to Giroux, the guaranteed basic income program would cut the national poverty rate in Canada in half.

Earlier this year, the Angus Reid Institute released a study stating that almost 60% of Canadians were in favour of universal basic income in Canada as high as $30K/year.

The issue will be debated this weekend at a Liberal policy convention that will be held virtually.

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