English Montreal School Board

Parts of Bill 21 have been struck down as unconstitutional

The English Montreal School Board has been exempted from the controversial law.

Quebec Superior Court Justice Marc André Blanchard has struck down parts of the Bill 21, deeming certain provisions unconstitutional. The sections in question pertain to English Montreal school boards, which have special constitutional status, as well as apparel worn by MNAs in the national assembly. Aside from those contexts, however, the ruling upholds the controversial secularism law.

The legal challenge to the ban on religious apparel — and on certain people, primarily Muslim women, from public sector jobs — was brought about by the English Montreal School Board as well as the National Council for Canadian Muslims, Coalition Inclusion Quebec and the Canadian Civil Liberties association.

A demonstration — which was planned to go forward regardless of the results of today’s ruling — will be held outside the Montreal office of Quebec Premier François Legault this afternoon.

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