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80% of 60+ in Quebec are now vaccinated with at least one dose

Appointments for the under-60 demographic can be made starting tomorrow.

With this morning’s latest vaccination statistics, Quebec has surpassed the 80% mark in vaccinations for the 60+ demographic, having administered at least one dose to that group. According to the latest statistics for the province, Quebec has vaccinated 89% of the 80+, 88% of the 70 to 79 and 73% of the 60 to 69 age groups. In total, this amounts to 1,927,779 people vaccinated, corresponding to 80.79% of the 60+ demographic.

80% of 60+ in Quebec are now vaccinated with at least one dose

Earlier today, Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubé announced that the vaccination campaign in Quebec is opening up to the general population over the next two weeks. The eligibility dates and age ranges for the general population in Quebec to make vaccination appointments are as follows:

  • April 30: age 50 to 59
  • May 3: age 45 to 49
  • May 5: age 40 to 44
  • May 7: age 35 to 39
  • May 10: age 30 to 34
  • May 12: age 25 to 29
  • May 14: age 18 to 24
Appointments for the under 60 demographic in Quebec can be made starting tomorrow.

To make a vaccination appointment in Quebec, please click here. All the information about vaccinations in Montreal can be found here. For more on COVID-19 in Quebec, please visit the Santé Québec website.

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