Zeina tkt freestyle

WATCH: Zeina roams Los Angeles in her “tkt freestyle” video

The Montreal singer/rapper flexes around luxury vehicles and references local slang for “t’inquiète pas.”

Montreal’s Zeina has been quietly killing it over the past year. The singer has released a handful of stellar singles over the course of the pandemic, with the videos for “Suburbs” and “Consequences” each racking up millions of views on YouTube and streaming services alike.

Zeina flexes around luxurious cars in the “tkt freestyle” video

This week, the songstress returned with “tkt freestyle,” which is dripping in bravado. “tkt” is Montreal slang, short for, “t’inquiète pas.” The track’s accompanying video, directed by Devon Libran, is equally straightforward and boastful, much like the song itself. It finds Zeina in various locations across Los Angeles, with luxurious automobiles in nearly every shot.

“I got mob ties, investing in me like I’m an artwork. And they bet on their return and thosе two bars I just said you’ll never be worth,” she sings.

Zeina is currently in Los Angeles working on new music. She talked about her experience moving back and forth between Montreal and the City of Angels in an interview with Cult MTL from our March 2019 issue:

“I slept on the floor for a whole year. I wasn’t at all in a good neighbourhood — I was in the hood, [Pacoima]…Compton was under it! So, I was in a bad area, and even though I was there, I felt super happy.”

With the singer on an undeniable hot streak, expect new music from Zeina over the course of 2021. For more, please visit her Soundcloud page.

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