Video Games, Loot Boxes and Gambling — Is it Still a Problem in 2021?

Should we worry about video games that involve gambling?

Recently, gambling has been causing a lot of debates and parents are preoccupied that their children might develop an early addiction to such thing through the video games that they are playing. However, not only children are prone to spending all the money they possess on gambling, so let’s see whether there are reasons to worry about video games that involve gambling and how they work.

What’s the big deal?

To start with, loot boxes are elements that are represented in a majority of video games. Players get many bonuses through purchasing loot boxes, which help them during the game. However, loot boxes are designed in the way that no one knows what comes with them, it could be anything, but whatever is inside bears the same goal – help the player win. 

The big deal is that spending money on loot boxes is gambling. Why? The main reason why it is considered to be so, is that players purchase the unknown. This happens at any other form of gambling and it’s this sensation-seeking attitude that can later transform into addiction.

The majority of video game players is represented by the youth. Gambling is generally illegal for the underage, which means that gaming industry is promoting gambling where it shouldn’t be promoted, getting the youngest category of players hooked. As you can see that loot boxes and slot games have lots in common. Just take a look at Gclub’s slot online section and you will understand.

Top 5 Video Games with Gambling Elements

1. Fallout New Vegas

2. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

3. The Witcher 3

4. Watchdogs

5. Final Fantasy VIII

You might’ve heard some of these names before and some might sound new to you, but what they all have in common is the gambling element. Different storylines and locations, but table games, loot boxes, card games and many more variations of gambling can be found in each of these games.

The Final Verdict

Addiction, caused by gambling, is probably the most preoccupying thing about it. Nowadays, it has become a real problem and it’s getting worse, since not only online casinos offer gambling experience, but video games too. Even more of those games can be found on 918Kiss casino.

The goal in each game is to win and loot boxes bring players one or even more steps close to it. For this particular reason and for the interest in the unknown, gamers at any age purchase loot boxes and often go beyond their limits. It becomes dangerous when spending money on virtual rewards becomes more prioritized than investing it into something worthy in real life. 

The vicious circle of spending money and wanting to obtain more privileges is hard to get rid of. Both teenagers and adults become vulnerable when they face the opportunity to achieve a long-awaited win or to complete another level. At this point it gets hard for them to understand that it’s not always worth it and that gambling is addictive, which is something that many players are not aware of. You should speak with your children about the possible threats modern-day games can have and install a good antivirus to prevent malicious programs attacking your PC.

A friendly reminder is that even if you don’t see loot boxes and gambling itself as a big deal, game wisely and moderately.