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Nearly three months later, there’s no reduction in curfew tickets in Montreal

Who exactly are the people still getting curfew tickets?

Montreal police have announced that they received 608 calls from March 22 to 28 regarding COVID-19 public health measures and violations. This is an increase in the number of calls from the previous week, which were 511 (+97). The SPVM also confirmed that Montreal police handed out 431 tickets, the same number as the previous week, including 319 (+89) for breaking curfew. 

Last week saw in an increase of curfew tickets by almost 40% from the previous week. 319 is the highest number of curfew tickets since January, when the province-wide curfew first began. Since the curfew time was changed from 8 to 9:30 p.m., ticketing has only increased. Fines range from $1,000 to $6,000.

Consult the table below for the Montreal police COVID-19 statistics on calls made to the police, total pandemic infractions and curfew tickets since they have been publicly disclosed by the SPVM:

Week endingCalls made to Montreal policeTotal tickets for pandemic infractionsCurfew tickets
March 28608431319
March 21511431230
March 14421516230
March 7383372263
Feb. 28357552332
Feb. 21382450298
Feb. 14428477280
Feb. 7448586219
Jan. 31536699323
Jan. 24545773396
Jan. 17760583353
Jan. 11800297185
Jan. 3903305
Dec. 2769334
Dec. 20530353
Dec. 1358774
Dec. 6410177
Nov. 2936582
Nov. 2236571
Nov. 15545106
Nov. 8589179
Nov. 147058
Oct. 25557105
Oct. 18600109
Oct. 1176528
The SPVM has announced that Montreal police issued 431 tickets for public health violations, including 319 for breaking curfew

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