Queen Victoria statue Montreal

McGill’s Queen Victoria statue was vandalized by anti-monarchists

“End the monarchy in Canada; end monarchies everywhere!”

According to No Borders Media, the Delhi-Dublin Anti-Colonial Solidarity Brigade has claimed responsibility for the vandalization of the Queen Victoria statue outside McGill’s Strathcona Music Building on Sherbrooke Street. The statue was doused in red paint after curfew on St. Patrick’s Day.

The group put out a press release this morning, which read, in part:

“There is a renewed focus on the brutal legacy of the British monarchy, which is a clear symbol of racism and colonialism. Forget about celebrity distractions, let’s focus on getting rid of monarchs as one important action linked to our movements for social justice.”

—”Pádraig Patel”

“We do regret that we were unable to topple the statue tonite, as those cool kids did back in August 2020 to the John A. Macdonald statue.”

—”Sujata Sands”

The bronze Queen Victoria statue, erected in 1900, has been targetted by the same group before.

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