French action plan

Cathy Wong and Valérie Plante

Montreal announcing action plan to promote French language in the city

“This plan reaffirms the importance of French and aims to promote our common language.”

This morning Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante shared news about the city’s forthcoming action plan to promote the French language in the city. Plante was joined by Cathy Wong, the city’s executive committee member responsible for French.

“I’m announcing an action plan with Cathy Wong to promote the French language in Montreal. This plan, the first in Montreal’s history, reaffirms the importance of French for our team and aims to support actions aimed at promoting our common language.”

—Valérie Plante
Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante and executive committee member Cathy Wong

From Plante’s Facebook page:

“The plan announced today is based on three pillars, those of exemplarity, empowerment and inclusion. Concretely, these three concepts respectively guide the City of Montreal in its approach:

???? by creating an annual recognition award that will recognize the remarkable contribution of an organization or a Montrealer and by supporting the boroughs in their process of obtaining a francization certificate;
???? by supporting projects aimed at promoting French-speaking culture or promoting the French language, in particular among the business community;
???? by stepping up actions to promote French to newcomers through the Office for the Integration of Newcomers in Montreal (BINAM).

Of course, the plan provides for the establishment of a committee to monitor the objectives, and for the actions taken by the City to have a positive impact. It goes without saying that the deployment of these various actions is in addition to the measures under provincial and federal jurisdiction, and that all levels of government have a role to play.

This very first action plan to promote the French language reaffirms the importance that our team attaches to the French language, as an official and common language in Montreal. It comes to celebrate the language, our heritage and our culture, which shines throughout the world.”

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