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Legault: “We are in the third wave, this is not the time to visit people’s homes”

Once again, Easter gatherings are not a thing.

Quebec Premier François Legault spoke earlier today about a study by INSPQ that determined 1 in 2 young adults are not respecting the regulations banning gatherings in people’s homes. The Premier tried to appeal to people aged 20 to 25 by telling them to think about the effects their actions have on healthcare workers and nurses in the province, as well as young children, who are at risk of having to return to online classes if case numbers don’t improve.

The Premier also spoke about Easter this coming weekend, and advised once again not to partake in family gatherings.

“We are in a third wave. What we wish is for it to be as short as possible. I’d like to come back to visits in people’s homes. I understand that people look forward to seeing one another, but let’s think about the nurses and children. This is not the time right now. It is critical. We have scenarios to increase restrictions in the five problem regions right now. The summer is coming up but we have some more demanding weeks ahead of us.”

—François Legault

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